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Hell’s armies have invaded Earth. Become the Slayer in an epic single-player campaign to conquer demons across dimensions and stop the final destruction of humanity. The only thing they fear... is you.

Hell’s armies have invaded Earth. Become the Slayer in an epic single-player campaign to conquer demons across dimensions and stop the final destruction of humanity. The only thing they fear… is you.


Hell’s armies have invaded Earth. Become the Slayer in an epic single-player campaign to conquer demons across dimensions and stop the final destruction of humanity.

The Only Thing they Fear… Is You.

Experience the ultimate combination of speed and power in DOOM Eternal – the next leap in push-forward, first-person combat.

Slayer Threat Level At Maximum

Armed with a shoulder-mounted flamethrower, retractable wrist-mounted blade, upgraded guns and mods, and abilities, you’re faster, stronger, and more versatile than ever.

Unholy Trinity

Take what you need from your enemies: Glory kill for extra health, incinerate for armor, and chainsaw demons to stock up on ammo to become the ultimate demon-slayer.

Enter Battlemode

A new 2 versus 1 multiplayer experience. A fully-armed DOOM Slayer faces off against two player-controlled demons, fighting it out in a best-of-five round match of intense first-person combat.


Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

OS: 64-bit Windows 7 / 64-Bit Windows 10

Processor: Intel Core i5 @ 3.3 GHz or better, or AMD Ryzen 3 @ 3.1 GHz or better

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti (4GB), GTX 1060 (3GB), GTX 1650 (4GB) or AMD Radeon R9 280(3GB), AMD Radeon R9 290 (4GB), RX 470 (4GB)

Network: Broadband Internet connection

Storage: 50 GB available space

Additional Notes: ( 1080p / 60 FPS / Low Quality Settings )
Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

OS: 64-bit Windows 10

Processor: Intel Core i7-6700K or better, or AMD Ryzen 7 1800X or better

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 (6GB), NVIDIA GeForce 970 (4GB), AMD RX 480 (8GB)

Network: Broadband Internet connection

Storage: 50 GB available space

Additional Notes: ( 1080p / 60 FPS / High Quality Settings ) – *On NVIDIA GTX 970 cards Texture Quality should be set to Medium

With DOOM 2016id Software managed to surprise many players with their reimagination of the DOOM series, especially with the singleplayer part. With DOOM Eternal, they promised to bring even more brutal, fast-paced action. And they managed to do that with the singleplayer part. The multiplayer, however, still lacks the polish it desperately needs and has even less content than in D2016.


I finished the campaign in 25 hours on the Nightmare difficulty, with all the collectibles and challenges. Apart from the campaign, the game offers master arenas where you can test your skills, as well as both original DOOM games playable at your base.


The story continues a few months after the events of D2016. It does not, however, explain what has happened during these months. The plot becomes clearer as the game continues. Also, various humorous situations brilliantly lighten the game’s tone. Overall, Eternal expands the DOOM universe greatly, and I enthusiastically read every new codex.

GameplayThe gameplay has several changes from its predecessor, and I must say that I am very satisfied with most of them. The game has more brutal action, it is faster and more challenging. I enjoyed almost every part of the game very much, and after a few mission replays, I consider it as one of the best action FPS from the past years.

As in every DOOM game, you explore the levels for health, armour, and ammunition. Those pickups are now rarer because you get them from killing your enemies. There are a lot of collectibles in the form of toys, albums, lore codices, and cheats with which you can replay levels. There are also upgrades for your suit, weapons, and abilities. Level design is great, and every arena is unique.

Double jump is accessible from the start, and soon after you get access to dash. With this comes platforming, where you swing on a pipe, climb up walls, and jump between platforms. Your movement is now freer, and the game is much faster. It is very satisfying to kill enemies with these new possibilities.


Eternal expands D2016’s already perfect combat. It requires a decent amount of skill and fast-thinking from its players due to new changes. There are new enemy types, and the game combines them a lot. Also, most of them have weak points that you should destroy. For example, Revenant has two cannons on his shoulders, and with their destruction, you force them into melee. However, it is not necessary to destroy those weak points, as enemies are easily killable without doing so. As for boss fights, they are so far the very best this series has offered. Each boss fight has different mechanics, and I had a lot of fun fighting them.

It is required to use all weapons and abilities you have as the resources are limited. Enemies are your main source of health, armour, and ammunition (acquired via glory kills, flamethrower, and chainsaw). Every resource is still easily obtainable. You just need to be fast and precise. It adds another layer of depth to the combat, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Some combat arenas are now larger due to the mentioned platforming mechanics, such as pipe swinging. However, enemies are not stupid, and they aggressively follow you or shoot at you from every edge of the map. It is an absolute massacre in the last levels as the demons throw everything they have at you.


Eternal deepens customization fromD2016. Weapons still have additional firing modes, e.g. shotgun has a grenade launcher or rotating fire mode. It also adds new modes, like a grappling hook for supershotgun. As for the suit, there are upgrades for movement abilities (dash), grenades, or environmental resistance.

There are also crystals for upgrading your health, armour, and amount of carriable ammunition. The game throws quite a lot of things at you in the first three levels. However, you will get used to it, and, at a point, it actually feels natural. There are skins for your Doomslayer and his weapons, earned via challenges. They are shared with the multiplayer, too.

MultiplayerUnfortunately, the multiplayer has many shortcomings. Bethesda’s online services constantly contrive new errors. Due to that, you are unable to get your weekly rewards because the game does not count your challenge progress. In-game, the multiplayer often lags, which is not enjoyable at all. Players also often get stuck in mid-air, which results in their immediate death.

There is only one mode, Battlemode. There, you will not find anything from the D2016 multiplayer. This decision is weird because DOOM invented deathmatch. However, Bethesda claims that it is outdated. Bethesda apparently has no problem with publishing games, like DOOM, that is widely hailed for bringing back classic gameplay and feel, but they abandon a genre mainstay invented by the series because it is “eons-old”.

SnapMap is also no longer here. Although it had its limitations, it could be improved or even remained the same, as the community would provide more content, as in D2016. So, overall, the multiplayer part has less content than D2016.


In Battlemode, one player plays as Slayer and the other two as demons. There are five demons, and each has different abilities. You win by eliminating the other team. If the demon dies, he resurrects in a few seconds, so Slayer must be fast with killing the second one. Demons must cooperate accordingly, or they will fail. The first team to get three rounds win

I found this mode quite enjoyable after a while. Slayer-hunting is amusing, and surviving as the Slayer against players is thrilling, as well. All demons, weapons, and abilities are unlocked, and the only things you get by leveling-up are skins, icons, and badges. There are no microtransactions or any other in-game currency. Everything is earned purely by playing the game.


The composer, Mick Gordon, has outdone himself and delivered an even better soundtrack than I could have imagined. The game would not have the same atmosphere and blood-pumping adrenaline moments without him. The sound effects of demons and weapons are of great quality, as well.

The graphics are beautiful and have several improvements, like tearing body parts from enemies while they are still alive. The levels are very varied. You fight on Earth, Mars, and many other places.

UI is fully customizable in the options. You can change its size, colours, and even turn off anything you want. Unfortunately, hitmarkers do not have this option. I also highly recommend turning off hints and tutorials because they pause your game and explain absolutely everything.

PerformanceThe game was tested with an i5 8300H, GTX 1060 6GB, and 16GB RAM, running at the high settings at 70-85 frames per second, at 1920×1080 resolution. The game has framerate problems when the Steam overlay is activated, as I got drops to 40-50 frames with it. I have not experienced any other performance issues.


DOOM Eternal is worth the full price for the singleplayer alone. It delivers exactly everything the developers claimed it would, meaning better action, more agile and complex gameplay, as well as the masterful soundtrack. If you are looking for multiplayer, you will probably not be satisfied with the little it offers.

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